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Buying From Us

Purchasing a floor from us is very easy, all you have to do is use the enquiry form, call us or visit our showrooms and provide the following information :


- Wood flooring type/reference no.


- Quantity required


- Full name & delivery/billing address


- Contact info (e-mail/phone no.)





You do not have to take delivery as soon as you order, we offer free storage of your wood for up to 6 months if you are not quite ready to have the floor laid. This secures your order without the added hassle of storing the materials in your own property. All we need is 1 - 2 weeks notice for delivery. To find out more about shipping methods click here!

Payment Terms

All payments are to be made in full on order confirmation. An invoice will be issued by e-mail for payment by bank transfer, our account details will be available on the invoice. You will then receive a sales receipt once payment has been made. To find out more about returns click here.

How Your Wood is Supplied

We supply your wood in its salvaged condition after removing all previous nails from the boards. It is your choice whether you'd like to sand and re-finish the floor once it has been laid by your fitter. Many of our listings show the floor before & and after sanding which will give you an idea of the look you will achieve. We can also provide sanded samples if required.

The condition of the boards can vary depending on the batch, however when we are processing the wood we select boards which we know can be re-laid. Slight breakages on the tongue & groove and nail holes on the face can occur with certain batches, with other batches being in fantastic condition. The tongue & groove might require cleaning of surface dirt, your fitter may do this or we can for an additional cost. Do not hesistate to enquire about condition and cleaning when selecting your wood floor.


We ask our customers to appreciate that reclaimed wood flooring is not perfect, which is also the reason why our floors appeal to so many. Colour variation, natural wear and rustic texture all contribute to the beauty and character of salvaged wood!

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