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At Hargreaves we salvage and sell reclaimed flooring and materials of the highest quality from all over the UK. From gymnasium surfaces to rustic and distressed floors, we have what you need to give your project a seasoned, natural and characterful look.


From retail stores to bars and restaurants, our products thrive in commercial spaces.

The Look

One of the biggest appeals of reclaimed wood is how it looks, and also how it feels to be around it. It has a unique charm with a story to tell. In all of its rustic and weathered glory it possesses such natural beauty, free of a modern, manufactured appearance. It ties in perfectly with older properties and also brings warmth, character and a feeling of nostalgia to new spaces. Real wood is wild and unpredictable, just the way we like it.

The Quality

This is a big one. The quality of older wood is significantly better than the newly manufactured timber of today. The reason behind this is that timber of the past was typically sawn from trees which had much more time to grow and mature, which substantially increases the density and durability of the wood. Old growth wood also has great stability, therefore it is much less likely to warp and split. If aged, reclaimed wood is maintained and cared for properly it will last a lifetime.

The Environment

Consuming reusable materials has never been more vital than it is today. If more people choose to use reclaimed wood it helps to preserve our natural resources and slow down the rate of deforestation as the demand for new timber decreases. It is estimated that 6 million tonnes of wood goes to waste in landfills in the UK each year, causing land, water and air pollution. This is something that needs to be addressed and we can all do our part by reusing wood materials.

Why Choose 

Reclaimed Wood?


As much as we love a rugged and distressed floor, sometimes a little bit of restoration is in order, particularly for home projects. This is easily achieved with sanding and a new oil or lacquer finish.





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