Redwood Pine Floorboards

Ref. - 1709

Rustic Redwood Pine salvaged from the Jordanhill Campus, University of Strathclyde. This is from our third phase of uplifting floors from the historic property, with the calibre of wood only getting better and better. The images show the boards in their salvaged condition and after sanding with a water-based lacquer finish. This batch has incredible grain and colour variation, with frequent knots in the wood. Once sanded, not only will it be an eye-catching feature it will bring warmth and vibrance to the room, making a house feel more homely.


£54.00 / sq.m (inc. vat)


800 sq.m

All floors are supplied in their salvaged condition with previous nails removed. To find out more about buying a reclaimed floor from us click here!
Board Specification
Width :                                                  112mm

Thickness :                                             25mm

Length :                                    600 - 3000mm

Tongue & Groove :                                      Yes
Board Type :                                             Solid

Board style :                                            Plank

Installation :                                    Nail / Glue

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