Opepe Flooring

Ref. - 1693

Opepe is a tropical hardwood mainly grown throughout Africa's equatorial forests. It is an exceptionally durable and stable timber, with a warm, orange-brown colour tone. This particular floor was salvaged from Shawlands Academy in Glasgow. It has white & red sports court markings on the face however these boards can be sanded to bring the wood back to its natural look if preferred.

Price (inc. vat)

£48.00 / sq.m


85 sq.m

All floors are supplied in their salvaged condition with previous nails removed. To find out more about buying a reclaimed floor from us click here!
Board Specification
Width :                                                     67mm

Thickness :                                             18mm

Length :                                    600 - 3000mm

Tongue & Groove :                                      Yes
Board Type :                                             Solid

Board style :                                              Strip

Installation :                                    Nail / Glue

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