Merbau Flooring

Ref. - 1794
Merbau is an extremely durable hardwood originating from East Africa, South East Asia and Australia. It has a reddish-brown colour tone with mostly straight grain pattern. This floor would work well in all areas of a residential property, even bathrooms as it is rot resistant. It would also cope easily with heavy footfall in commercial areas. The images show the boards in their salvaged condition and after sanding with a water-based varnish finish.

QUANTITY  -  5 sq.m

PRICE (inc. vat)  -  £48.00 / sq.m

Board Specification
Width :                                                     90mm

Thickness :                                             18mm

Length :                                     600 - 2000mm

Tongue & Groove :                                      Yes
Board Type :                                             Solid

Board style :                                             Strip

Installation :                                    Nail / Glue

All floors are supplied in their salvaged condition with previous nails removed. Please allow for natural colour variation. To find out more about buying a reclaimed floor from us click here!

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