Junckers Beech Wall Panelling

Ref. - 1695

Quite possibly one of our greatest discoveries here at Hargreaves. Many years ago we discovered that the underside of old Junckers Beech gymnasium boards have a rustic, industrial and natural look, as opposed to the varnished & uniform look on the face. What transpired from this was the experiment of using this effect as wall panelling, showing only the back of the boards. As you can see from the images above this has proven to be popular and works extremely well in commercial properties as well as feature walls in homes too. As the boards are tongue & groove and mostly come in 3.7m lengths this makes installation easy and quick, ideal for large areas. This particular batch was salvaged from The Royal High School in Edinburgh.


£42.00 / sq.m (inc. vat)


23 sq.m

All floors are supplied in their salvaged condition with previous nails removed. To find out more about buying a reclaimed floor from us click here!
Board Specification
Width :                                                  129mm

Thickness :                                             22mm

Length :                                              3700mm

Tongue & Groove :                                      Yes
Board Type :                                             Solid

Board style :                                2-strip plank

Installation :                                                Nail

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