Iroko Flooring

Ref. - 1689

A warm and inviting hardwood floor with a unique and varied grain pattern. Iroko is know as the "African Teak", as it is similar to Teak in appearance, durability and resistance. The images show the flooring in its salvaged condition, and after sanding with a water-based satin varnish finish. It was salvaged from Govan High School in Glasgow, which happens to be where the former Manchester United manager and legend Sir Alex Ferguson attended!


£54.00 / sq.m (inc. vat)


32 sq.m.

All floors are supplied in their salvaged condition with previous nails removed. To find out more about buying a reclaimed floor from us click here!
Board Specification
Width :                                                     70mm

Thickness :                                             19mm

Length :                                    800 - 2500mm

Tongue & Groove :                                      Yes
Board Type :                                             Solid

Board style :                                             Strip

Installation :                                       Nail/glue

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